Friday, October 13, 2006

Slow checkins

This year we have not just olives, but yoga and olives. Accordingly my da kine airwagon, normally used for moving kites, kiteboards and wet suits was stuffed with sleeping bags and yoga gear. The airwagon is a formidable sight. Its big. Way big. Not big enough to throw baggage handlers in the DR, but big enough to throw the nice folks at Lufthansa, who held me at the checkin counter for 45 minutes while they wondered if they could take the bag. Eventually, they decided to charge me for a surfboard explaining, with some embarrassment, "Its a 50% surcharge." Because they made such a big deal of it, I thought "50% of my ticket == $500!".
Fortunately the amount was $65. I have no idea what that was 50% of, but I was happy to pay it, until they added: "Of course, we don't know if it can leave Munich. Air Dolomiti may not take it."
Arriving in Pisa, I was a bit apprehensive, but the bag arrived and in Pisa they handled it as ordinary luggage. Go figure.
Happy as I was to see my bag, I was much happier when I saw Sabi waiting. Getting the airwagon into her car was impossible, but by unpacking it we were able to make things work.
Great chat on the way home, as always.
Arriving home, a thinner version of Gimmi emerged from the observatory. Our stars must be in alignment as we are losing weight at about the same rate. Cool.
Pat and Paul had arrived some days before. Good to see everyone.