Saturday, October 20, 2007

Greening of Love and...

sex. I thought it had just started when I read Yoga Girl on green-sex a few days ago. This morning, while checking out a custom search engine I'd created, I noticed that google includes an example custom search engine called Green Maven. Naturaly, I had to try it out with a few searches -- sex, lubricant, etc. Check it out. Lots of stuff! sex+green -- how could I have missed it.
Green maven appears to work by simply limiting the sites searched to a known list of green sites. Want in? They provide a page for site submittal, allowing a nice bottom up, if you will pardon the phrase, method to expand their sources.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Spiegle On Line Discoves Slow Cities

Kind of a nice article focused on Orvieto in Umbra, but mentioning other cities in Italy and the spread of the Slow Cities movement around the world.
"The miniscule Tuscan Chianti town of Greve became the first "cittáslow" in 1999, followed by Bra, Positano and Orvieto. Over time, the slowness wave has spread. There are now 42 slow cities in Italy, and more and more cities -- in Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Poland and Norway -- conform to the movement's list of strict requirements. In Germany, a number of cities -- including Hersbruck, Lüdinghausen, Schwarzenbruck, Waldkirch and Überlingen -- have joined the select circle, which only admits cities with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants." Spiegle OnLine.
One of these Italian Cities would be great for a Slow Yoga Retreat -- especially Bra because that is where Slow Food started and Greve, because it is so close to Florence and so charming.

Its probably possible to find a place within biking distance of Greve.