Sunday, December 28, 2008

Health care, the quantified self, web 2.0

Health care, the quantified self, web 2.0

The Evidence Gap - Health Care That Puts a Computer on the Team - Series - "MARSHFIELD, Wis. — Joseph Calderaro, 67, is one of health care’s quiet success stories. Over the last four years, he has carefully managed his diabetes by lowering his blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol with diet, exercise and medication."

Quantified Self
Introspection 2.0

Web 2.0.
O'Reilly's notion of Web 2.0 is profoundly more powerful than the buzzword its become. The core difference is collection of relevance implicitly vs. explicitly. One feels alive; one dead.

--individuals collect and selectively 'publish' personal metrics
--when health care systems possibly Kaiser, Cleavland Clinic mine and selectively publish that data
--others use the result for new research on both a personal and institutional level
we will have an explosion of knowledge and practice