Monday, June 28, 2004

Extreme Yoga :: 18.5 hours in 9 days

I've been doing 2 classes most days for just over a week -- 18.5
hours in 9 days! It is quite an experience. My favorite instructors
were really happy so see me back in the studio & it feels like home.
The strong, almost overpowering, sense of female presence is something
I like about the studio. I definitely do better when I don't have to
put up with too many aggressive males -- my line of work has far too
many. So the yoga studio has a better balance than most of the rest of
life. Is also fun to be around people who are not putting financial
gain at the top of their priorities & who are committed, on both a
personal and political level, to doing what they can about the crazy
road my country is following.
There are a fair number of males at the studio, including a couple fantastic instructors. While I encounter a few behavioral issues from time to time, compared to men in software, they are gems for sure and some are gems compared to anyone.
I'm not sure why I failed to practice reguarly for so many weeks, but the return to practice is certainly welcome.