Sunday, July 11, 2004

Salone del Gusto :: 2004 :: Puglia


Puglia is one of the regions of Italy featured in this year's Slow Food festival. A brief plug for Puglia:

Puglia, the true cradle of the Mediterranean, brings to the Salone del Gusto its historical knowledge from the Gargano to the silent, via the castles of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, the trulli (primitive cone-shaped dwellings), farms, cathedrals, caves, old towns, parks, nature reserves and the UNESCO-listed architectural wonders.
The regions long history is also a history of flavors’ celebrated through products known throughout the world (bread, extra virgin oil, vegetables, cheese and wine), symbols of a food culture still firmly bound to its origins and roots.

It is no surprise to find Puglia traditions of savvy and savor retained in the everyday activities of its hard-working people: small farmers and their wives, artisans and fishermen, breeders and producers.

Puglia, a land of convivial hospitality, brings to the Salone del Gusto its distinctive food products, which will be used to perfection by a team of top regional chefs. Publications about the art, history and culture will also be available.


  • A quick google for biking in puzzle results in interesting listings. The Gargano Peninsula looks great & the routes of the commercial organizations may provide a pretty good set of clues for camping, hotels, routes and sights.

  • Nice little map with commercial links. No roads, but place names, airports, etc.

  • Maps of regions witting puzzle + history, photos, links to accommodations -- including agriturismo.

  • Map with roads -- one can see blank spots on the coast -- good for kayaking?



Too many possibilities. Google: agriturismo Puglia


One candidate for illustration.
Rental of a place for a week while looking around may be a good idea.