Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lichen, lichen, lichen & the occasional shrimp

Lichen and lichen; lichen and people; lichen and wildlife; more lichen.

Lichen and wildlife?

Bryoria fremontii

David Friesan, who lives with the Ulkatcho Indian Band in western British Columbia, recently decided to try Bryoria. He put some to soak in a lake overnight, and in the morning it was covered with freshwater shrimp. So he boiled the whole thing into a tasty soup.

The insulating qualities of Bryoria as fiber made it somewhat useful to the Lillooet and the Nlaka'pamux (Thompson Indians) in British Columbia, who twined it together into clothing when they couldn't get animal skins. It must have been scratchy when dry and soggy when wet.

Lichen and Slow Food?
An overnight soak qualifies.