Friday, April 15, 2005

Shuttle :: All Quiet on the Western Front

I just picked up & set up my new Shuttle. The scoop:

  • I wanted a quiet machine
  • I wanted a 64-bit AMD processor
  • I wanted a small machine
  • I wanted a near portable, but something something without all the compromises of a laptop -- especially support for a good monitor & keyboard; something suiable for taking to a conference or vacation
  • I wanted great graphics --- perhaps for a game, but more likely for...
    • rapid photo processing
    • Revit use
    • CAD/CAM use
I could have ordered the machine on line, but instead I spend a tiny bit more and had a local shop build it -- they build a lot of Shuttles for the gaming market. Good decision; they were fast & now I have some local experts who have a stake in keeping my machine happy.

Price is a fraction of the price of a comporable, but bigger and louder, machine from HP or (ugh) Dell. Better yet, all the components are name components & the system is designed as a system -- its not a bucket holding whatever components happend to have the best prices the week I ordered.

Of course, I'd not be quite so happy if I'd not also picked up a nice Eizo monitor to complement the Shuttle.