Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Warning

Thin Ice
I'd hate to be misunderstood :: what's happening to people in the Gulf is terrible & there is nothing about the way I run my life that suggests I will always avoid a similar fate.
The news coverage is driving me crazy.
We, those who pay attention to science, those who think reality matters, have expected increasingly sever storms for 10 or 15 years. Guess what? We have been getting increasingly sever storms.
  • We should act on greenhouse gases, deforestation, etc. to limit climate shifts
  • We should keep our National Guard at home where it can guard the nation
  • We should not encourage people to live in flood plains
  • We should remember that its not a good idea to piss off your mother
Part of the problem I have with the news coverage, is how they categorize the disaster. Is it just bad luck or the result of negligence. I don't have a crystal ball & mother nature does not call me on the phone so I certainly can't say this storm would not have happened if...
But, we can say that storms like this are more likely because of greedy, short sighted policies.