Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lessons, Lessons, Who's Got Lessons?

A few weeks ago I took a kiteboarding lesson from Sandy at Ki'topia, a great outfit on Sherman Island. Because my car was stolen by a shady pair from Pisa, I've not been able to take another lesson & today I discovered that their lessons are almost full for the rest of the season. [They then head for S. Padre in Texas.] I was able to snag a lesson on the 14th, but that will be it for the year.
Panic :: What to do?
I found a useful local site with a posting about lessons for people in Marin. That pointed me to a couple places in Alameda. I've avoided Alameda because the beach is a bit zoo like because of too many people pretty much like me trying to learn. However, it turned out that one outfit has PWC supported lessons & sells Cabrinha's new Crossbow, which is the kite I'm really interested in. So I signed up for a lesson next Friday and put a deposit down on a kite.
Getting Ready :: The SF Plan
So now I have two lessons in the next 14 days & I'll be taking my very nice Ozone Frenzy (really a snow kite) out to practice, practice, practice. Skills from one kite are not totally transferable, but they are still useful. Plus, I'll always want my light Frenzy for backpacking in the snow and perhaps some beach areas -- perhaps I'll try it this weekend with a longboard in Tomales. [The Frenzy does not include an inflatable bladder to make starting in water easier -- flotation is not too important on snow -- so its much lighter and more compact for hiking into the high country.]
Getting Ready :: The Travel Plan(s)
Playa Copal in Costa Rica looks good. Some kite surfing locations are inexpensive. There may well be better nearby locations that don't cater to boarders.